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Consumer Product development

It is through the right thought processes and implementation that Odipo dev is able to scour the web and provide you with insights to supplement your product design plans so as to know what elements to include in your product.

Marketing &Digital strategy

Not sure where to start with your marketing plans? Too much uncertainty involved? We at Odipo dev have just the solution for you. The wealth of data the web provides allows us to help you identify your core audience, brand affinities and influencers to help you take the lead in the consumer space. 

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  • Samer ‘Costello’ Ahmed
    L I F
  • Kevin Odanga Madung



What’s the big deal about us?

Marketing analytics dashboards provide descriptive metrics that don’t deliver the understanding and the accountability that a detailed analysis done by Odipo Dev would provide.  web intelligence involves social data which needs social science. Most people would like to think that it’s just about sampling key words, but its about identifying contexts and discovering the dynamics behind why these phenomenon become important in a given segment/demographic of people. This is essentially the study of human behaviour and culture through a quantitative lens to allow you to make better desicions about your product and marketing strategies. Odipo dev uses well proven scientific methods glean insight from data gathered from disparate significant sources around web to shed fresh light and insight on your business decisions.


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